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The last major foot and mouth epidemic in the United Kingdom occurred in 2001. The total costs arising from this outbreak have been put at no less than £9 billion, with at least £3 billion in direct costs to the public sector and about £5 billion in costs to tourism and the rural economy. Out of the total costs incurred during the outbreak, compensation payments to farmers for the slaughter of their animals and welfare reasons were placed at £1.34 billion.
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Lowther, Cumbria ©Ian Geering.
Lowther, Cumbria ©Ian Geering.
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Economic Cost Of Foot And Mouth Disease In The UK: A Joint Working Paper by DEFRA/DCMS, March 2002

The 2001 Outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease: Report By The Comptroller And Auditor-General. HC 939 Session 2001-2002, 21 June 2002

Report to Tourism Summit by the British Tourist Authority, 5 March 2002

Foot and Mouth Disease by C. Barclay, Research Paper 01/35 (House of Commons Library, London), March 2001) Top of page

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